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Montessori education is divided into:-

Practical Life Exercises: – for young children, there is something special about tasks which an adult considers ordinary, e.g. spooning, pouring, polishing etc. These exercises are exciting to children because they allow them to imitate adults. In this area of the classroom, children perfect their coordination and become absorbed in activity.

Sensorial Materials: -are attractive to the child and draw him/her to work. They are activity provoking and self-correcting thus allowing the child to work independently.

Prepared writing and reading: -the child becomes familiar with all the shapes needed to form the letters of the alphabet. The child learns the phonetic sounds of each letter and then how to build words by putting 3 or 4 letters together.

Number Work: -the child handles and sees the concrete form of the quantity before being introduced to the written symbols which are more abstract.

Culture: -the child learns about nature, the environment and the way of life in different lands. At Smart Cookies Montessori School we draw on the huge amount of materials available to plan specific programmes designed to meet the needs of children attending the Montessori class. The materials allow for holistic learning and discovery, offering a wide range of intellectual challenges.

Clothing. We have now introduced a uniform because we feel that it is easier all round for parents and children. Uniforms can be obtained in Farrellys Uniform Shop in Stillorgan Shopping Centre.

Toilet Training It is required that all children that attend Smart Cookies Montessori School are toilet trained.

Equipment and Resources We believe that high quality early years care and education are promoted by providing children with safe, clean, attractive, age and stage appropriate resources, toys and equipment. We aim to provide children with resources and equipment which help to consolidate their knowledge, skills, interests, and aptitudes. Resources and equipment are stored and displayed where children can independently choose and select them. Children are afforded free play time.

Partnership with parents We wish to develop a partnership with parents based on an understanding of how the service can complement the home. Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. If you have a concern or wish to discuss the development of your child, please do not hesitate to talk to us and we can arrange a mutually suitable time to meet with you. We also encourage you to tell us of any issue that may impact on your child so that we can support and help your child whilst they are with us, (illness, new baby, bereavement etc). You may feel assured that strict confidentiality will be respected at all times.

Child Protection All staff working within the service must observe a Child Protection Policy that has been developed according the National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children, 1999. Serious concerns regarding the welfare of a child will be reported to the Health Services Executive. A full copy of the Child Protection Policy is available in Smart Cookies Montessori School.

Nutrition Good eating habits are established when children are very young. At Smart Cookies Montessori School, we aim to promote a healthy eating policy where parents are asked to provide a healthy snack and non-fizzy drinks.

New Children At Smart Cookies Montessori School we encourage parents to bring their child into us for an hour, twice a week if possible, during the month of June as an introduction to pre-school. It has been our experience that children settle in better after a brief period of familiarisation.