Learning & Play


Child-centred development is central to the Montessori curriculum at Smart Cookies.  Every child is encouraged and guided by our teachers through practical life skills and sensorial exercises.  Numerical and phonic work will follow when the child is ready.  Children are free to make choices about their learning, thereby fostering independence and self-confidence.  Our teachers also facilitate learning through free play, individually and in groups.  We offer a wide range of stimulating materials such as building toys, jigsaws and pegboards.  Our teachers provide a happy, safe experience in a stimulating environment for every child and according to their interests and abilities.

Garden play

Outdoor play is such an important part of the Montessori day.  Children are free to explore the natural environment in our secure garden area.  The children are introduced to gardening by planting seeds and bulbs.  Garden time provides an opportunity for active and energetic play: running, exploring, playing with sand or giant building blocks.  The children also love to find insects, flowers and stones or just to sit and play in our quiet zone.